Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mary Onettes - 'Puzzles' (Labrador Records) New Single Released 09/29

The Mary Onettes

(Labrador Records)

New Single Released 09/29

Free download of Puzzles


"this Echo and the Bunnymen-esque cut is an uplifting paen to staying up all night in spite of your problems." -Under The Radar

Fall tour dates to be announced

The Mary Onettes will release 'Puzzles', taken from their sophomore album 'Islands', released November 3rd on Sweden'sLabrador Records, home to The Legends, The Radio Dept. and Little Big Adventure to name a few.

The Mary Onettes’ critically acclaimed debut was described as the perfect mix between A-ha and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Now they are back with a grandiose new album. Imagine a Swedish equivalent of The National on a diet of speed, Planet Earth DVDs, and 80’s guitar pop singles and you’ll have a vague idea of how amazing this is.

The year 2008 was characterized by the deaths of close relatives and friends of Philip Ekström (singer and songwriter of the band) and on 'Islands' he’s put more focus on the lyrics. 'The Disappearance of My Youth' and 'Cry For Love' were written in his girlfriend’s mother’s estate and most of the songs on the album are highly marked by his time in Stockholm after her death.

“The songs are almost too personal and I’ve had a hard time playing them for friends. It’s like all I want to do is keep them to myself.”(Philip). The lyrics are retrospective with themes of lost youth, transience and death.

The first single 'Dare' was no. 1 on Elbo.ws, 'Pleasure Songs' from the debut was Single of the Week on iTunes with half a million downloads. The Mary Onettes have had two songs feature in the TV-series Grey’s Anatomy and their first single on Labrador was tagged Best New Music on Pitchfork. Things have been going well since The Mary Onettes signed with Labrador, but the band has certainly had their ups and downs.

”The title ‘Islands’ came up because I see the tracks on the album as small islands in different shapes and forms where every song is like a record of it’s very own. Johan on Labrador Records suggested the same title without having heard me mentioning the idea, so that was a coincidence too good not to pursue.” (Philip)



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