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VersanT Release date: Release date: February 17, 2010

Could I be wrong/ Or is this the old song/ Ushering the new dawn? – “Quick Escapes”

Sweden, the unofficial headquarters of sparkling electro-pop, seems an inevitable launching pad for Versant. Led by Carah Faye, former frontwoman of the Grammy-nominated Shiny Toy Guns, and producer Daniel Johansson, Versant synthesizes the melodicism of a true pop siren with up-to-the-minute textures that can ignite both dance floors and rock clubs.
“Versant is a summation of dreams,” says Carah Faye. “It’s music we believe ‘belongs’ but is rarely understood, much less brought to reality.” Lyrically, Faye draws from real-life experiences and reveals their difficult, but ultimately transcendent, lessons: “I will wait for the truth to find me/ But I will never leave it to you” (“Out of Touch”). Faye and Johansson’s goal is that they, and the band, are “helping people to heal or be inspired to hope.”
Johansson and Faye met in the most organic of ways—on the road. Johansson worked as soundman for Shiny Toy Guns as well as for fellow Swedes The Sounds, who tapped him to produce the title track of their 2009 release, Crossing the Rubicon. Unsurprisingly, they draw artistic inspiration from a diverse playlist. “Mew, Kent, Coldplay, The Cardigans and Michael Jackson have been in rotation in 2009—anybody with an individual sound who likes espresso and walks on the beach,” Carah laughs.

Now splitting their time between Sweden, where they will be touring through November, and America, which will feature a highly anticipated showcase at South by Southwest 2010, Versant will drop their self-titled debut on February 17, 2010. Reaction to demos posted on their MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/versantmusic) has been unanimous: Although only debuting, Versant exceeds high expectations, and introduces loyal fans to a bristling new musical collaboration.
Versant is:

Carah Faye: Vocals
Daniel Johansson: Guitar/Keys
Johan Grettve: Guitar/Keys
Richard Ankers: Drums
Nicholas Oja: Bass

Versant online:

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/versantmusic

Twitter: http://twitter.com/VersantMusic

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