Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NYC's Catalpa Festival - Black Keys Headline July 28th, Snoop Dogg Headlines July 29th

The inaugural Catalpa Festival is striving to be a pioneering New York festival, unique in its programming, atmosphere and aesthetic. With as much an emphasis on site artistry, interactive experiences and experimentation as the musical entertainment itself, Catalpa is filling what we see as a gap for an event quite beyond the ordinary in New York City.

A meeting point for creativity, Catalpa will feature over 40 performers from many musical genres including Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae and Indie. Art installations of all scales, bespoke event structures and enough unique elements will be present to transform people out of their ordinary setting and into an environment more fantastic.

Catalpa will be held on Randalls Island NYC from 1pm to 11pm over July 28th/29th weekend, 2012.



Catalpa is starting a "Lonely Boy" Video Dance Contest, where the Grand prize winner will receive an all expense paid trip for two (2) to Catalpa Festival, including airfare+ three (3) nights of lodging at The Standard Hotel in NYC's Meat Packing District + a pair of VIP tickets to the festival to meet and have your photo taken with The Black Keys!


Arcadia is a sculpture-based organization that takes military scrap and turns it on its head to create positive environments for the purpose of celebrating life.

Their structure known as ‘The Afterburner’ will be making it’s debut North American appearance at Catalpa Festival. This is a mind-blowing spire that shoots giant 30ft flame balls from its peak and contains DJs playing from within. Surrounded by a high-powered sound system and an incredible lighting system, New York City will have never seen anything like this!


The 60ft inflatable Church of Sham marriages is to ensure that any sudden urges for marriage proposals (sham or legitimate) during Catalpa can be dealt with on the spot! We will have our full time pimp pastor on hand at all times throughout the weekend to conduct ceremonies and he will provide wedding veils, candy wedding rings and ‘just married’ sashes for all the happy couples.

We want people to get creative here. Straight, gay, three-way or even group marriages are all accepted. Heck, you can even marry yourself if you feel like it!

While we do accept walk-ups, we are predicting the demand for sham marriages to be high during the weekend. If you would like to book your spot then please feel free to send us a mail and we’ll slot you in. Email inquiries.

If anybody is legitimately looking to get married or renew vows during Catalpa Festival we would be delighted to arrange this, provide a city clerk for the registration and cover all costs for you. We’re NOT joking!!! Email inquiries.


The Silent Disco tent at Catalpa Festival is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Listen to DJs playing in the tent through wireless headphones while you dance and sing along at the top of your voice. Don’t worry, nobody else in the tent can hear you, they will all be doing the same thing!!!


Catalpa Festival is entirely based on the notion of taking people out of their ordinary environment and into an atmosphere more fantastic. We believe that this needs to come across aesthetically in every facet of the weekend so we have invested a lot of time and effort to source the most visually stunning, interactive and thought provoking art installations to achieve this goal. Artists from New York, European festivals, Burning Man and even Yoko Ono are contributing to what we can assure you will be a visual overload!


This area of Catalpa Festival will serve as a homage to all things gastronomic in New York. We are carefully selecting the most unique and top quality eateries to participate at Catalpa. From the farmers market to stone-fire pizzas, we aim to offer a culinary profile far beyond your expectations. More info coming soon…

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