Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AFCGT 2xLP out January 26th!

AFCGT is a rather convenient vernacular for A Frames and Climax Golden Twins. But if you’re hopeful that the usual sources are stocked with facts and figures about this outfit, think again. There’s not much information available on AFCGT. Conjoined a little over two years ago, the group has already been dishing out vinyl; recording a 10-inch EP, a full-length LP, and appearing on a 7-inch compilation not to mention a few super-limited CDRs thrown in for kicks. With 3 electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a drum kit they manage to emulate the decaying soundtrack of an international airport with all the trimmings; accidental runway collisions, air traffic control extremism, unauthorized handling of cargo, and bitching passengers at checkpoint screenings.

AFCGT, their self-titled new album on Sub Pop Records, will be available as both a vinyl LP (with bonus 7-inch single!) and as a digital album (without bonus 7-inch single!), though not as a compact disc. If you pre-order the LP version of AFCGT by January 26th, you’ll not only receive the bonus 7” single, but you’ll also get two bucks off and a link to stream the record immediately. Did I mention this is limited and that both the LP and the bonus 7-inch are on white vinyl? It is/they are/I just did.

Pre-order AFCGT here:

Download a free MP3 from AFCGT:

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