Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes Giantess are giving away their debut US single "The Ruins"

The Boston foursome Yes Giantess is ready to become a household name in 2010. They're unleashing some of the biggest jams you'll hear all year, starting off with their US debut single “The Ruins.” Produced by Starsmith -- the acclaimed British beatmaker lurking behind Ellie Goulding's shadow --“The Ruins” veers towards the darker end of the pop spectrum. With a gut-rumbling bassline, pulsing and hypnotic synth wizardry, and an undeniable hook, this one may very well call for repeat listens. The 7" is backed by B-side “Call My Name,” a light R&B jam to a forlorn lady.

Also keep an eye out for a slew of remixes coming from some of the hottest new young players about. The band will be providing unique video content to complement each remix - all of which will be available online.
Download Yes Giantess "The Ruins"

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