Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooklyn band Von Haze will be releasing a self-titled album on March 16

Von Haze has been compared to The xx, Salem, HEALTH, and the Human League.

Von Haze Press:

Pitchfork: "the Brooklyn duo of Travis Caine and Katherine Kin go in for epic (albeit homespun) ominousness on "Sooner or Later", all narcoticized female vocals, perversely chintzy synths, and buzzsaw guitar drone."

Brooklyn Vegan: "The song 'Sooner or Later,' ... goes in another direction with 7 minutes of flickering metallic beat underneath lightly harmonized voices."

20 Jazz Funk Greats: "Sonically we are in a place that might have existed if the early Human League had been more influenced by Gram Parsons than Donna Summer, drifting between the corrupted love ballads of Throbbing Gristle and SALEM's lingering flame."

Music Fan's Mic: "Their most melodic, touching work is the most insightful - 'Outside the Night' pits Xx-esque male and female vocals tugging at eachother with subdued, spacious organs and almost unnoticeable drum rhythms. Their paramount achievement to date is the seven-minutes-long 'Sooner Or Later', a drawn-out stalking terror, staring right at you for as long as you take it, but never giving in, never unleashing anything other than HEALTH-esque bitty synths and the occasional storm of white noise. "

See What You Hear: "Von Haze are one of those acts where the few people who have heard them seem smitten. They produce languid, drone-driven sequences of decay and beauty; breathy vocals distorted so you can barely hear a word, but backed by a fizzing drum machine, thrashy guitar and a sultry-sounding keyboard."

Local Vertical: "Excellent."

Orange Alert: "Dark and ominious lo-fi electro from Brooklyn."

Off The Radar "Minimal, dark psychedelia... Really great stuff!"

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