Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Memoryhouse has signed on to the Windish Agency roster

Tom Windish was recently interviewed in Billboard about opening a New York office. Read the article here.

Memoryhouse is loved by:

Transparent blog: "Get to checking out this lush, delicately doleful, late-night celestial hynopop jam from Ontario, Canada's Memoryhouse entitled "To The Lighthouse" in which a spookily composed, hurt-eyed mermaid chanteuse ensnares us with the honeyed voice of hope itself, leading us beautifully bewitched into a iridescent underwater kingdom of bottomless dreaming where we are shorn naked of worldly misery and suspended in awe at a forgotten nature's palacial pomp and glory in all its spellbinding colour and untraceable motion."

You Ain't No Picasso: "It's pretty ballsy to make the voice the focus of a cover when the original lead singer is Ed Droste (aka. Captain Sings-Quite-Well), but Memoryhouse do the song justice by switching it to a female lead singer.

NEU Magazine: "They make poetic music; icy instruments under Denise's breathy vocals, scattering avant garde influences in amongst frosty electronic pop. Their words are as equally beautiful, and they talk earnestly about their influences and reason for recording. They're sticking it, in their own laid back way, to the boring sods who say there's yawnsome nostalgia attached to all of this 'bedroom music'."

Yours Truly: "The standout track "To the Lighthouse" is hypnotic and gripping as it is fleeting, dissolving into vapor before you register it's effect."


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