Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phineas And The Lonely Leaves release second full length The Kids We Used To Be today!

Phineas and the Lonely Leaves is a band based out of Peekskill, NY. Their latest release, The Kids We Used To Be is out today and captures the essence of growing up in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. With a driving rock force coupled with an Americana indie folk swing, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves has started to light up the music scene in and around New York.
Upcoming Shows:
2.24 - Peekskill, NY - Birdsall House
3.26 - Fishkill, NY - The Keltic House
3.31 - Peekskill, NY - Birdsall House
Phineas and the Lonely Leaves began as a solo project for singer/songwriter Timothy Feeney after playing in many bands in the New York & Boston Area. One of those bands, RedRoom, did a couple national tours and was acclaimed by indie kids and music bloggers the world over. After the band’s breakup, Tim moved to Boston to continue pursuing his musical career. During that time, his voice was heard on a couple national MTV commercials. After the breakup of yet another band, he decided to go solo and began recording heartfelt acoustic songs from the foot of his bed. The songs were compared to the lo-fi acoustic ballads of Bright Eyes & Ryan Adams. Through word of mouth, he started drawing thousands of people to his Myspace page daily. Feeney played shows all over the New York tri-state area and gained attention through his energetic and comedic performances.

After releasing his debut album Love What Lies, which was mostly recorded with studio musicians, Feeney went looking for full-time band members for live shows. He first went to long time friend and classmate Tim Cavanagh, who joined the group in 2008 on bass. Cavanagh quickly brought in college friend John Pye on drums. The trio worked well together, playing gigs all throughout 2008. When Feeney started writing songs for what would becomeThe Kids We Used To Be in late 2008, he soon realized he was going to need to fill out the band for the deep, rich and full sound he envisioned. In early 2009 the trio reached out to piano/keyboard player Paul Slater and a few months later found lead guitarist Michael Spinelli. The five members meshed together musically better than Feeney could have hoped and in the fall of 2009 they began recording The Kids We Used To Be just outside of Boston. Engineer and producer Adam Rourke had the challenge of bringing the raw and often wild live performing group into the studio to lay down the tracks. With expert skills, sharp attention to detail, and hours of patience, Rourke was able to give The Kids We Used To Be the strong and tight yet musically playful sound that all had hoped to achieve. Currently gigging in NYC and throughout Westchester, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves is a band you do not want to miss, look for them to be making waves on the shores of the east coast in the months to come.

Artist - Phineas And The Lonely Leaves
Album - The Kids We Used To Be
US Release Date - February 22, 2011
Label - S/R
01. The Kids We Used To Be
02. The Bros. Of Summer
03. The Feeling
04. Come Back To Peekskill
05. Dead Right
06. Roman Candles
07. Next Summer
08. Museum Of The Gone
09. The Kids We Used To Be (Part II)
10. Those Were The Days

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