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Asthmatic Kitty artist DM Stith completes his trilogy of EP’s with Braid of Voices (December 8). This EP is the final third part of the trilogy—BMB was released in July, Thanksgiving Moon was released November 3—following Stith’s debut album Heavy Ghost, which received international critical acclaim upon its release in March. NPR called the LP “complex… [containing] inventive songs,” while Entertainment Weekly proclaimed it “one of the strongest debut albums I’ve heard.”

The first EP in Stith’s trilogy, BMB, features covers of The Ronettes and Randy Newman and remixes by Roberto Lange of Helado Negro and Savath & Savalas and Son Lux. With Thanksgiving Moon and Braid of Voices, Stith furthers this approach of combining near-to-heart covers with re-worked originals and remixes by friends.

The Thanksgiving Moon EP starts with the original demo that was first recorded for Stith’s Heavy Ghost LP (it was also this song that ended up flapping around the Asthmatic Kitty offices, resulting in the label commissioning Stith to finish an album). Written as a reflection of the landscape of Western New York, “Thanksgiving Moon” marked a new direction in Stith’s songwriting. The EP also features Stith’s cover of David Byrne’s “A Soft Seduction,” are-worked version of his own “Pigs” featuring a marching band and “Thanksgiving Moon” remixes by Michna (Ghostly International) and label-mate Rafter.

The original “Braid of Voices” is the climax to Stith’s Heavy Ghost album. For the Braid of Voices EP he has distilled the song to its essentials while maintaining what Pitchfork called a “stunning emotional catharsis.” He performs a cover of Diane Cluck’s “Easy To Be Around” while “Abraham’s Song,” taken from Stith’s debut release Curtain Speech EP, receives a remix by experimental electronic artist Bibio. FatCat glitch artist and Bjork collaborator, Ensemble, and Warp recording artist Clark also offer re-imagined version of Stith songs. The EP ends with a free-jazz version of “Wig,” featuring label-mates I Heart Lung.

Stith’s musical career began in Brooklyn contributing design help on Shara Worden’s albums, as well as backup vocals and piano to songs on Bring Me The Workhorse. During that period Stith began composing his own work tapping into an earlier passion. Worden encouraged him to share his private songs with Asthmatic Kitty Records, and after hearing only two demo songs, the label invited Stith to write and record an album. Stith currently resides in Bloomington, IN, where he is pursuing an MFA.

1. BMB (Alternate Version)

2. Around The Lion Legs (Slow Dance Version)

3. BMB (Roberto C. Lange Remix)

4. BMB (Son Lux Remix)

5. Suzanne (Randy Newman Cover)

6. Be My Baby (Ronettes Cover)

7. Untitled

Thanksgiving Moon TRACK LIST

1. Thanksgiving Moon (Demo)

2. Pigs (feat. Jefferson Street Band)

3. Thanksgiving Moon (Michna Remix)

4. A Soft Seduction (David Byrne Cover)

5. Thanksgiving Moon (Rafter Remix)

6. Untitled (Lacuna B)

7. Thanksgiving Moon (Cover by Dayna Kurtz)

Braid of Voices TRACK LIST

1. Braid of Voices (Brass Version)

2. Easy to be Around (Diane Cluck Cover)

3. Braid of Voices (Clark Remix)

4. In My dreams, I Watch TV (Braid of Voices remixed by Ensemble)

5. Abraham’s Song (Bibio Remix)

6. I Heart Wig (featuring I Heart Lung)

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