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Jessie Murphy in the Woods Debut Album Eight Belles: March 9, 2010

"The Woods' new album, Eight Belles... sweeps the listener in its wake ... ethereal, mystical, spiritual and haunting, the New York City based trio plays with a sense of wonder and discovery that makes them one of 2009's singular new acts to watch." Vent Vox

A lonely little girl is riding a big brown horse on a crisp autumn day. She doesn't know it yet but the rest of her life will be spent trying to recapture that one perfect moment. Jessie Murphy In The Woods sing the songs that sustain her journey. The group is a New York City based all female "chamber pop" trio comprise of three music teachers. Their sound is Neko Case meets Vampire Weekend meets The Carter Family at a salon hosted jointly by Stevie Nicks and Emily Dickinson.


"Their sound is so unique that it has to generate notice and when it does, they are going to beheard everywhere...Listen to them now, don't wait another minute." Mossip

Eight Belles - the band's debut release - which features 9 tracks as unique as the women themselves, will be released in March 9, 2010. The songs are laced with hauntingly beautiful vocals and dreamlike imagery. Ranging from the gorgeous "New York City Lights" to "When I Am A Horse Again" - a eulogy to a filly who died on the racetrack during 2008's Kentucky Derby, to "God Save Owen Wilson (he's a lot like me)," Jessie Murphy in the Woods are evocative storytellers.

"Creating magic each time they step on stage." Wildy's World

At the helm of this band is singer/guitarist /songwriter Jessie Murphy- a critically acclaimed musician who got her start on the NYC anti-folk scene. The New Yorker once described her as,
"A winning singer-songwriter who wields a bluesy guitar." And, the Village Voice says, "Jessie Murphy has a voice like rippling silk and plays the notes on her guitar bluer than her eyes. "

"Young, talented and creating music with a sound all their own, Jessie Murphy In the Woods soon might be the tallest tree in the alt-folk forest. Triple Dead Heat

In 2008, while working on her Masters Degree in Music at Columbia University, she met and befriended Marcia Wood (Wurlitzer, flute, clarinet, harmonica, pan pipes and vocals) and Amy Wood(horn, cajon/percussion, flute, melodica, autoharp and vocals). Jessie, Marcia, and Amy are all NYC public school music teachers (just in case the plethora of musical instruments didn't tip you off.)

Jessie Murphy In The Woods has become a world unto themselves. Jessie enthuses, "The more time we spend and sing together, the more unified we become, and the more we have to give in our performances. We're discovering the realm of our music as it happens." Marcia says, "There's a chamber like quality to our shows, a shared sense of intimacy." On Eight Belles, you hear the sounds and magic of a band coming together. If their music sounds like a fairy tale, it's fitting, for it's in its own glorious place and time. Now saddle up and ride along, it's a long way to forever.

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The Woods actually will be playing on April 16th at The Studio in Webster Hall @ 8PM. Thanks so much for posting!

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